Cost Engineering

Our cost engineers use various methodologies like the rule of thumb, grass-root or bottom-up, analogy and parametric approach to offer a desirable level of accuracy for a correct decision-making process.

When you have the responsibility to manage complex, high-tech recycling projects, you appreciate the importance of financial aspects and the difficulty of assessing costs. Although cost is a constant source of concern, it is even more relevant in conducting cost or technical trade-offs, determining budgets, preparing contracts, and assessing the importance of cost to changes in existing designs or operations.

" A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. "

Dave Ramsey

Reathon helps you tackle these aspects, predict and assess costs, minimize risks, and the impact of overspends against your budget. As a result, we ensure a balance between technical aspects and related costs.

  • Company long term planning
  • Pricing and P&L analysis
  • Products of services offering
  • Capability statement preparation
  • Schedule analysis and planning
  • Design-to-cost assessment