the process of infinite creativity

Developing Strategies for Cost-Effective, Innovative, and Efficient Recycling.

Reathon brings the circular economy to tyres. We help optimised utilisation of end-life-tyres and prevent them from being abandoned in the environment or reaching landfills.

Using innovative technologies and strategic consulting services, we help businesses extract value products from exhausted tyres.

Four pillars of Reathon

We've evolved innovation from an art to a predictable science.

Champions of Technology

We promote technology transformation to provide better recycling solutions, achieve savings, reduce time and make processes more efficient.

Competence to Outperform

Empowered by our passion to outperform, we help you to overcome obstacles, achieve profitability, and outdo your competition.

Culture of Honesty

Reathon functions on a strong culture of integrity and honesty. You can trust us to adhere to our word.

Collective Genius

It’s the belief in our people and their talents that help us deliver a collective genius for all our clients.

we help organisations

Maximise Business Value in a Recycling Ecosystem

Founding Partner

Amar Singh Rathore

Amar has over a decade of experience across various business verticals as a researcher, business head, technical lead, partner, and more. Along with business management, Amar also specializes in waste management solutions and is dedicatedly striving towards enabling a circular economy for tyres. His experience in conducting intensive primary and secondary research have helped many recycling companies throughout their business lifecycle. An ardent arsenal fan, avid reader, and globetrotter, Amar is an innovative thinker and an efficient problem solver.