Tyre Recycling ecosystem

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Ideas and breakthroughs fueled by experience & passion!

Reathon’s consulting services will minimize your costs, improve efficiency, and offer corporate resiliency through a series of data-driven programs. Backed by our strategic approach, we assist businesses to build an efficient rubber recycling ecosystem.

Empowered by our consulting services, our clients can do more with less!

who we are

We are circular economy experts working towards becoming an active catalyser of earth's transition to a sustainable future starting from tyre recycling.

what we do

We assist businesses to participate in the exciting rubber recycling ecosystem through personalized, process-oriented programs.

how we do it

By using our in-depth knowledge base, innovative technologies & our circular economy expertise we plan & assist in delivering a robust, profitable & sustainable business output

services we provide

We help you communicate the value of your project so you get the buy-in and adoption you need for success.

Cost Engineering

Applications & Tools

Business Process optimisation


Risk management


our mission is to

boost your revenue & profit

We help our clients grow their revenue & profits. Faster, better and sustainably than anyone else.

why choose reathon?

Investing in Ideas for a Smarter Solution.

market & product strategy

Based on our adept analysis and the experience, skills, and unique approach of our team, we’re able to uncover smart solutions to tyre recycling challenges. We’re known for our knowledge of ELT recycling, collection, and best practices for carbon credits.

outcome-based segmentation

Leverage our consulting services and carbon negative emission technologies to manage tyre waste, operations, and facilities. We assure results that will significantly improve your allocation of resources, expand services, contribute to the environment, and lower your costs.

Keeping Rubber Out of the Environment

Businesses and countries that are successful in reducing their carbon emissions earn in terms of monetary growth and reputation, too. Economically, they have an opportunity to earn from trade in carbon credits. When they’re able to demonstrate to the clients, stakeholders, and society that they care about the earth’s health and future and respect rules, reputation follows as well.

Our Value to Client

We exist to help clients meet their business objectives through the skilful exploitation of facts, data analytics, and research-driven advice to deliver sustainable results. Our clients come to us for our objective, independent, and industry-leading advice that supports them to plan and implement tyre recycling programs.