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We help you in communicating the value of your project so you get the buy-in and adoption you need to succeed.

Cost Engineering

Reathon helps you tackle these aspects, predict and assess costs, minimize risks, and the impact of overspends against your budget.

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Applications & Tools

Reathon’s decision assessment system offers live assessment with a trusted plug and play model.

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Business Process Optimisation

Process improvement is a powerful idea. In modern times, processes that run like clockwork can breathe life in your company

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Backed by a systematic comparison of organizational performance and processes, benchmarking helps set up new standards or improve efficiency.

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Risk Management

Our systematic risk modelling covers all phases in tyre recycling processes from waste sorting to product manufacturing.

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Reathon’s continuously evolving research methods help you to achieve optimum process and product innovations.

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Maximise Business Value in a Recycling Ecosystem

why choose Reathon?

We've evolved innovation from an art to a predictable science.

We accelerate business velocity, minimize costs, and drastically improve corporate resiliency through personalized, process-oriented programs. Our cutting-edge solutions consist of strategy, business process improvement, and predictive analytics.

We also offer first-hand information on the tyre-recycling market, carbon negative emission technologies, and sales and marketing support to make your recycling business a success.


Market & Product Strategy


Data-Driven Approach


E2E Feasibility Study


Customer Needs Discovery


Competitive Analysis